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January 15, 2006



Hi Alan,

Yes, an interesting appartment, not that I am a fan of appartments per say, but a roof top like this is worth a lot.
Please send me the asking price, but my guess would be 800 - 900k.

Patrick S

Here we are February 2006.

Now that time has passed to let that rush of blood to the head subside and other information has come to light it is probably time to reopen the SCHAPELLE CORBY file.

Do Australians still think that she and driven snow are closely related or has the passage of time seen a different picture emerge?

What is being made of the fact that brother James was carrying the boogie board and let's hear thoughts about dad's next door neighbour. Must admit it seemed like an unfortunate coincidence until I read that they were great mates and had previously lived next door to each other and worked at the same place.

There do seem to be a lot of unfortunate coincidences about this case don't there?

Patrick S


I posted on 7th Feb asking whether Australians were still of the belief that Miss Corby and driven snow were closely related.

The silence has been deafening!

Is this because nobody visits this site any more, or is Schapelle yesterday's news, or is it because the collective penny is dropping that she may not be as innocient as previously thought?

Love to hear comments especially from PS Kay

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