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September 01, 2005


P. S. Kay

I have been clean now for about 4 months also.

I had been having chest problems for about 4 months & not one Doctor could make a diagnosis untill I was rushed to hospital about a month ago.

It was only then that I found out I had Deep Vein Thrombosis & the Blood Clot in my lungs had been sitting there for the whole time.

The Docs at the hospital were quite amazed acctually, as a Lung Clot like the one I had is usually fatal within 48hrs, yet I survived with it in there for atleast 4 months befor it was correctly diagnosed...

I'm just lucky they caught it when they did, cause it had finally reached the point, where I didn't have too much longer to live "a couple of hours at best they said"

Heh, go figure... someone Up there must really like me....hehehe.

For some reasonthough, I just can't bring myself to sit infront of the Computer anymore & have ben getting in the habbit of "Just getting up & going off for a walk every couple of hours".

I still have a long way to go to completely recover,taking a heap of Anti-Clotting Drugs each day & having to whatch what I do to ensure I don't even get so much as a Paper Cut, but having given up the Cigggs, even now I feel so much better for it.

alan singer

Hey PS - Good to hear from you - I wondered what had happened with you - looks like it takes a lot to keep a good man down - very pleased to hear you are in better shape - I would have hated it if something had happened to you and I never heard from you again - I would never have known!! It just makes you think doesn't it!! Life is ... well, so unpredictable - keep well my man and keep reading and commenting!



Well,P.S. i gone to your Profile Page to send you a private message unfortunately i couldnt...

Happy to hear that you are well Now, keep well

I feel like i had known you & Alan for a long time

I m still fellowing Miss Schapelle case on other forum

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