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May 14, 2005



Indeed a tragedy Alan. I don't know the Dandenong area very well, however in the last few weeks I have had reason to find out a great deal more about the area, through some work I am doing for Local Government Victoria.

The area is one of the most poorest in Victoria and the local council is working very hard in encouraging economic development to encourage more people into the workforce.

Some of the stories the CEO of the Council had to tell of the hardships of the area were quite alarming.

rather not be named

i would just like to say that this is NOT a racial attack.. i know the young man in remand at this very time... is any body aware what the 25yr old man and his friends did to the group of youths previously that night..?? STOLE THEIR PHONES CLOTHES AND MONEY.... indeed they had no reason to do such a thing! but in turn their was no reason for the killing either.... i suggest all these news papers and news television shows get the FULL story before they start assuming things!


Thank you for your comment..
I am the first to admit that I am learning VERY quickly that what I read in the media and the truth often have very little to do with each other -

therefore my carefully worded post which said ...
the family are calling this a "race attack".
If in fact this is the case...

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